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ENGAGING the south Australian startup ecosystem

There are a range of important stakeholders that must be engaged and activated to leverage the ecosystem building effect of the South Australian VC Fund (SAVCF) and to ensure optimal economic and entrepreneurial activity. These stakeholders include government organisations, corporates, investors, accelerators and incubators, universities and research institutes and startups/founders.

In order to help develop and maintain these relationships Artesian will participate in a range of business development, community and networking activities both in SA and externally including:

  • Regular stakeholder meetings to identify opportunities for greater connectivity and engagement;

  • Participation in community events, hackathons, demo days, conferences;

  • Publication of thought leadership content, reports, research and analysis regarding the fund and portfolio companies, and emerging trends, challenges and opportunities; and

  • Employ Artesian’s data/analysis subsidiary Decode System to maintain a database of SA startups and other innovation ecosystem participants allowing tracking, mapping and benchmarking of the SA innovation ecosystem.

  • Engage with domestic and international corporates focused on innovation sectors where South Australia holds competitive advantages. Artesian sees Corporate VCs as key co-investors complementing traditional financial VCs.

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